Are you looking to add 301 redirects to your WordPress site?

301 redirects assist in the resolution of 404 pages not found issues by directing users to the correct page. It aids in enhancing your keyword ranks and giving a better user experience. A satisfying user experience increases the leads, generation of revenue, and sales of the Company to a greater extent.

Why Do 301 Redirects, At All?
Before you learn how to do 301 redirects on WordPress, let us know why you should redirect on WordPress. Here is why:

  • You have the capability to install the WordPress directory.
  • You have relocated your website to a new domain. So, you want all of your old URLs to redirect to the new one.
  • You have changed the Permalinks (the structure of the links) of your posts and want visitors to the old sites to be redirected to the new ones.
  • You want your homepage to have a preferred (canonical) location.

How to Do 301 Redirects on the WordPress?
We will go over what a 301 redirect is and how to set one up on your website in the following section. One of the most amazing and easiest ways to do 301 redirects is to use the WordPress plugins. We are going to mention highly useful 301 Redirects. Here you go:

a. Redirection WordPress Plugin
This is also one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress official repository.
A redirection plugin is a strong tool with a variety of features. When you modify your post URL in WordPress at any moment, it immediately adds a 301 redirection, which is one of the most beneficial features.

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b. Simple 301 Redirects Plugin
Another WordPress plugin that allows you to easily implement 301 redirects is this one. One of the most popular WordPress plugins is Simple 301 Redirects. With this redirects plugin, you can now use wildcards. Check the “Use Wildcards” checkbox directly below the URLS boxes to use wildcards.

You must also include an asterisk (*) following the name of the folder you want to redirect.

c. Quick Page/Post 301 Redirect Plugin
The Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin allows you to rapidly set 301, 302, 307, and meta redirects to your WordPress pages and posts. This is indeed one of the best plugins available online.

Following the above mentioned steps, you can easily do 301 redirects on WordPress.