People spend so much time on “SEO” and content creation that they overlook the one item that will boost the rating of all of their pages. So, website owners should focus upon the improvement of the load time as researches suggest that people do not stay on a website that takes a few seconds longer than others.

Following we have described how to improve the load time of your WordPress site:

a. Choose a data center that is closest to your customers.
The location of your server has a significant impact on the speed of your website. The data center determines the speed and load time of the site. So, we recommend you select a data center that is the most convenient for your customers.

The location of your server has a big impact on how fast your website loads.

b. Implementation of the Dynamic Caching
Dynamic caching works by saving a copy of the created page and serving it to the next visitor. Instead of generating each page multiple times, each page is generated only once. This is not only speedier, but it also minimizes the resource demand on your server.

Every time a visitor visits your site, WordPress creates new pages. This is a time-consuming process that puts a load on both your database and your CPU. Furthermore, website production takes time, so each visitor will experience a slight delay. Dynamic caching is the answer to this problem.

c. Usage of the CDN
Use a content delivery network (CDN).

The term “Content Distribution Network” refers to a network that distributes content. Aside from dynamic pages, there are many aspects of your website that remain constant. Images, Javascript, and CSS are all used. Well…nearly never changes. As a result, it’s better to serve these files from a server that’s close to your client.

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A CDN analyses your visitor’s IP address and sends static material from the server that is closest to that location.

d. Deferment of the Javascript
This one is a little hard and complex procedure. JavaScript is used on almost every website. It’s an important feature of the web, yet it slows down website loading. Before loading JavaScript, wait until the page has fully loaded and is visible.

You can also find some of the most useful and most amazing methods that will help you in improving load time. These seven techniques are a combination of server and page-level optimizations. So, choose a technique that fulfills your requirements.