Do you want to learn how to establish a WordPress blog accurately? We understand that creating a blog might be frightening, especially if you are not a geek.

Following we have contained a full guideline regarding how to start a WordPress blog:

a. The Web Hosting Plan
There are free as well as paid plans available on the WordPress website. We recommend you choose the paid web hosting plan, which offers numerous and advantageous features. BlueHost web hosting plan is the most useful and the most amazing WordPress web hosting plan.

b. Selecting the Domain Name
Once you have chosen the web hosting plan, it will let you choose a free domain name. You should select a domain name that represents the unique name of your website. Also, try to avoid hyphens, numbers, or other symbols.

c. Choosing the Theme for the WordPress Blog
Customization of the website’s appearance is the most difficult task to handle. Themes determine the overall aesthetic beauty of the WordPress site. You can choose from thousands of pre-made WordPress themes to use on your website. To give a premium feel to your website, you should choose a premium theme for your site.

d. Customizations and the Plugins for the Website
Every website has unique functionality, which would add great features to the site. In the free WordPress plugin directory alone, there are more than 58,000 plugins available. This means that there are numerous plugins available for all types of activities.

Following are some of the top customizations that you should check out:

Here is a list of the finest WordPress plugins that you should check out, according to our experts.

  • Backup – You can lose your website at any time. You can choose the plugins designed for backing up the entire data. It helps you in the categorization of the data,
  • Security – Sucuri Security is a free WordPress security scanner. We offer a thorough WordPress security guide for beginners that will assist you in securing your website.
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e. SEO Optimization of the Website
SEO optimization is an essential step for the development of a highly practical website. You can use the tools or services of the professional to create an SEO-Optimized website.

These are the main 5 steps that you should undertake for starting a WordPress blog. This is a complicated procedure that should be followed for starting a WordPress blog.