Looking for a non-plugin approach to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site?

Setting up Google Analytics on WordPress allows you to track the traffic on your website and gain vital information about your users. But why is the addition of Google Analytics Tracking important for the website?

  • Identify Traffic Sources — You may learn about your visitors’ origins, the channels they use the country they are from, and more.
  • Create Popular Content – Google Analytics allows you to track your pages and posts so you can see which content is popular.
  • Sales and the Conversions – Google Analytics may assist you in tracking conversions and determining the amount of revenue generated by your store.

These are some of the top reasons for which you should learn to add Google Analytics to your website.

Adding Google Analytics Tracking to Your Website?
It’s not as simple to add Google Analytics to your site without a plugin as it is with one. That’s because you’ll need to put the tracking code in your website’s header. Any errors you make when adding the tracking snippet can cause your analytics to be messed up, or possibly bring your entire website down.

Let’s see how to add Analytics tracking code to your website’s header without using a plugin.

  • Sign up for a Google account. First of all, you should create a Google account so as to use the Google Analytics Tracking services on WordPress.Com.
  • Sign In. You must log in to your Google Analytics account.
  • The Google Analytics Dashboard’s Admin section. There is an admin section on the dashboard of Google Analytics.
  • Where Can I Find Google Analytics Tracking Information? Now, you should click Tracking Info and then Tracking Code in the Property column. The tracking code is now available in the Website tracking area. Simply copy and paste the Google Analytics script.
  • Adding to the WordPress website. Now you’re probably wondering where you should put the Google Analytics tracking code on your site. You should navigate to Appearance » Theme Editor from your WordPress dashboard. Now, on the right-hand side, below the Theme Files section, click the Theme Header (header.php) file.
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This is how you can add Google Analytics tracking to your website. You do not have to purchase the Google Analytics tracking plugin, at all.