You can track website calls in a variety of ways. You can use Google Analytics event monitoring or a Google Tag Manager Event listener to track call button clicks. Regardless of whether you utilize a tag management solution or modified code, you will need to make changes to your website in order to have the necessary markup for phone calls.
In this article, we have written down a detailed guideline regarding how to set up phone call goal tracking with the help of Google Tag Manager:

Setting Up Phone Call Goal-Tracking Using Google Tag Manager
There are two steps in this process. The first step is the general settings. The second step consists of the creation of the tag.

Setting Up of Google Tag Manager

  • Google Tag Manager is now open. First of all, you need to enable the Google Tag Manager in the settings.
  • Make a Trigger. Now, you are required to create the trigger. You can set it to target the “links” only option.
  • Select an Event. The next most important step includes choosing an event. It would help in determining when the Google Tag Manager would track the calls right away.
  • Other Important Steps: There are other important steps that you should take such as selecting click. When the URL of a page contains.*, enable it. The URL for Fire ON Click contains the following information: tel: You need to set it up.

Creating the Google Tag Manager.
Following are some of the most essential steps that you should take for creating Google Tag Manager for tracking phone calls:

  • Make a Tag
  • Select Google Analytics Tag (Universal) from the drop-down menu.
  • Configure the Click Tag
  • Input your Google Analytics UA tracking ID.
  • Select the Event Track type.
  • Define the Situation
  • Click is the category, Phone Call is the action, and Page Path is the label.
  • Select more from the Fire On the menu, and then select your phone call trigger.
  • Make a tag.
  • Select between Preview and Debug Modes.
  • Go to your website and select the appropriate link.
  • Watch the tag fire when the link is clicked.
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Bottom Line
This is how you can create a Google tag manager for tracking phone calls online.