Scrapers of content are individuals or technologies that copy info. Scraping the web isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. All online browsers are content scrapers in some way. Content scrapers serve a variety of lawful functions, such as online crawling for search engines.

There are mainly seven types of content scrapers that would scrape your website content. These include HTML Scrapers, Shell Scripts, Spiders, Shell Scrapers, Human Copy, and screen scrapers.

The true question is whether or not the content scrapers on your site are dangerous. Competitors may attempt to copy your content. This post covers the fundamentals techniques for safeguarding your WordPress site.

a. Blocking or Rate Limiting Technique
By spotting the problem first, you can fend off a significant number of bots. It’s common for an automated bot to send an unusually large number of requests to your server. Rate limitation, as the name implies, restricts the number of server requests received from a single client by enforcing a set of rules.

b. Login or Registration
The use of registration and login is a popular method of protecting content from prying eyes. With these strategies, you can stymie the advancement of bots that can’t employ computer imaging. You can simply need registration and login for content that is only available to your viewers.

c. Fake Data and HoneyPots
Honeypots are virtual sting operations in computer science. Setting traps with a honeypot to monitor traffic from content scrapers helps you catch would-be offenders. This can be done in an endless number of ways.

You can, for example, include an invisible link on your website. Create an algorithm that prevents the IP address of the client who clicked the link from being used again.

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d. Using the Captcha
Captcha stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test, which is used to distinguish between computers and humans. Captchas are inconvenient, but they are also helpful. One can be used to restrict areas where a bot could be interested, such as an email button on a contact form.

e. Obfuscation Technique
By altering your site’s files, you can disguise your data and make it less accessible. I’ve come across a few websites that provide text as an image, making it considerably more difficult for humans to copy and paste your text manually.

There are also many other techniques. However, the above techniques are highly useful and easy to use.