Globally people are aware of the word Android. But only a few know how it works. Moreover, if you are an android developer or have a keen interest in it, you must learn what part Android Studio plays in app development. Since the technology revolution, today’s market has had a fundamental interest in the application. This market keeps growing day by day.

Meanwhile, because of the massive growth of the android application, app developers in California are taking a fundamental interest in Android Studio. Likewise, app development in California is becoming an area of generating a reasonable sum of money for the developers and the companies. However, android studio IDE (Integrated development environment) is controlled by Google. It was developed for android development. It is accessible and can use on different operating systems.

Above all, for the feasibility of users. It keeps coming up with numerous versions; keep updating it. So, people can take maximum advantage of it. Moreover, the mobile companies go with the Android operating system, which increases the demand for Android studios. According to studies, the need for Android developers will be increasing in the future. So, if you want to be an Android developer in the future, you must go through this article. It will help you to clear your mind.

Instant App run

The instant run is an up-to-date technology. Above all, it does not run all the APK files, which can take a lot of time to get complete. Similarly, only the specific updated part runs in an instant run, and it modifies it automatically. Meanwhile, the hot-swap, cold swap, and warm swap instant run send the code to the device or emulator. Further, you will be able to view the changes which have come after the updating of code. Meanwhile, in some countries, it is also called “Modern wizard

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  • Hot-swap: It is the quickest one to make changes in the app. It is visible as soon as the modification has been done.
  • Warm swap: Warm swap is also fast, but the difference is that it keeps asking for the restart of the activity. An individual cannot view the new modification until they restart.
  • Cold swap: A bit slower than hot and warm. Because it comes up with a new APK file, instant run done its part to restart the app when basic code changes.
  • The instant app is fast comparatively.
  • Sometimes, instant perform slow and doesn’t build the updated version. Likewise, remain in the same condition as it was before the updating of an app.
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Layout Editor

In the android studio, the layout editor gives an opportunity of developing the layout quickly. Moreover, it makes it feasible for users to drag and drop the elements. Resize according to their needs. The designs are easily viewable on numerous Android devices. You can add the qualities and limitations you have planned. However, there are some characteristics of a layout editor which are necessary to know.

  • Palette: The list of characteristics and layout which you can easily drag into the editor.
  • Component Tree: This shows the ranking of characteristics in the layout.
  • Toolbar: Allows modeling the layout in the editor and modify it.
  • Design editor: An individual can reshape design and blueprint.
  • View mode: Make a view of the layout in code or design. You have an option of splitting them as well.
  • Attributes: They are the qualities of the layout.

Most importantly, it helps to design the layout quickly in the most effective manner. You can add a different layout through coding or just easily drag and drop.

Fast Emulator

It’s a virtual device of Android. Moreover, it can be used as an environment or some platform that runs an android application at the system. The emulators work as a phone. Similarly, it shows how the application will look on mobile phones. Meanwhile, it tests the application on different environments and different devices as well. Above all, it keeps the development process shorter and effective.

  • The fast emulator comes with numerous features. It has a perfect GUI with great features.
  • It gives access to set the emulator theme of their own choice. So, users can have a great user experience.
  • You can do run multiple applications at once while using the emulator and take screenshots as well.
  • It is not stagnant and runs on multiple operating systems.
  • You can rely on it because it has excellent reliability.  
  • It assists you with a great gaming experience.
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There are some specific cons as well. For instance,

  • To access the premium version, you have to pay the price.
  • It requires regular updates for a better gaming experience.

Intelligence Code Editor

The intelligence code editor also knows IntelliSense. Most importantly, the Android Studio gives a path to edit a code quickly and effectively. It keeps acknowledging you with the correct form of code. When organizing a code, it provides a list of principles to drop down promptly and completes your task in less time. Meanwhile, you can merge your code with the suggesting codes.

  • It gives you an accurate and good suggestion while coding.
  • Provide a suitable code at the time of finishing by pop-up functionality.
  • It can prompt IntelliSense in numerous editor window

Addition of New Activity as a Code Template

Android studio is always up to provide easiness to its users. Certainly, it is the reason people choosing an android studio for the development of an app. Moreover, the Android Studio gives access to templates to users who solely approach the android designs in this feature. It suggests unique and creative templates which increase user-friendliness at the time of using the app. In addition, these templates come with embedded services like a piece of code or non-code elements.

  • You can easily add new activities in those modules which are present.
  • It has unique and different types of templates.

In conclusion, the android studio is not less than a token of an app. It gives access to multiple features that can help you complete your application in less time, from designing to giving you suggestions in coding and providing templates to develop an app of your choice. Certainly, it is popular because of its exceptional functionalities. It guides the developer to make the best of it. Similarly, it allows them to build an advanced app – An application that can create a difference among present applications. Most importantly, the Android Studio keeps coming up with new versions, making it more accessible to a developer to develop an android app.

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